Course Notes

Thank you for enrolling in VEXcode IQ Blocks.

Just a few pointers on using this course and get maximum benefit from it.

  • As many people do courses on their phones nowadays, the programs might appear too small for you to read, therefore I have included dowloadable PDF documents with most lessons.
  • To find the downloadable content, have a look at the resources included with each lesson.
  • Learning to code for robots works best if you do the execises, projects and challenges with me, don't just watch the lessons.
  • If you've used RobotC before and feel that you only need some pointers, feel free to skip the parts you understand.
  • Do let me know if you find something I could explain better - It may not be only you who feels who way and I would lke to know that everyone understands the content well.
  • Please take the time to give me an honest review, it helps me make better courses if I know what I can improve.