Installing VEXcode and updating firmware

  • Welcome to this course for VEX EDR V5 robotics teachers.
  • I have strived to eliminate all errors before publishing this course, but you may of course still find some. In that event, please leave a comment, or send a message with the details to [email protected]. By doing this, you help to make the course better for everyone.
  • This course has eight scaffolded sections that follow each other from software installation to a final project.
  • It should be enough material for a year long curriculum - Dependent on your pace and actual time available per school week.
  • Lessons include a list of required material, downloadable documents, example code, quizzes and rubrics where required..
  • I include my original PowerPoint files, which you may download and modify for use in your classroom.
  • To view the animated GIF files: use PowerPoint - They don't work in the PDF.
  • Some links to the VEX robotics knowledge base don't open when clicked in PowerPoint - You'll have to copy and paste into a browser - (They do however work in the PDF version).

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